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Intech AM Academy

In developing countries like India, emerging technologies such as Additive Manufacturing are not fully explored because of a lack of base-level improvement and encouragement. It is still early days for the implementation and widespread adoption of AM technologies in India. To address this challenge, INTECH is planning to start a training academy called as “INTECHAM Academy”. It is the India’s first training program, started with the objective of bringing increased awareness about Additive manufacturing and 3D printing (3DP) technologies. To establish this emerging technology in educational institutions, we will be offering certificate courses to graduates and industry personnel, to upskill the nation’s workforce with the necessary skills required for the coming era of digital manufacturing.

“The main objective of the academy is to nurture innovation and enhance skill development. The academy aims to strengthen and accelerate the adoption of 3D Printing in the Industry by designing a structured program in Additive Manufacturing that encompasses theory, practical and technological  exposure. We believe that this program will go a long way in facilitating the Journey of Additive Manufacturing technologies from its present application in Prototyping to Mass production and Industrialization in the near future.”

This proposed academy will offer different levels of courses ranging from entry level operator courses to advanced diplomas and Master’s programs in Additive Manufacturing.

Types of courses planned:

  • Workshops (Duration: 2 days to one week)
  • Short term course (Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months)
  • Mid-term diploma course (Duration: 6 months)
  • Full term master’s program (Duration: 1 year)

The INTECH AM Academy  is especially programmed for the following classes :

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Educational Institutions
  • Working professionals (Upskilling)
  • Start-up enthusiasts
  • Industries

As a part of the academy many collaborations are made with universities, institutions and business customers to enhance the research and development activities.

Training Details


DFAM and Analysis

  • Ansys Topology Optimization
  • Altair-Inspire Topology Optimization
  • Unigraphics NX-Topology optimization
  • Rhinoceros- GH

Data preparation

  • AM Builder
  • Amterializer magics
  • RDesigner


  • Hands on training on the machine operations
  • Parameter assigning window

Academy Infrastructure

  • Area:6000 Sq.Ft
  • Capacity: 60 people per batch
  • of Desktop’s: 30
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