One-of-a-kind Parameter Optimization Software.

Higher Productivity of 50-80%

Better Surface Finish of 2-3 Ra

Reduced Post-processing Time and Cost by 30%



AMOptomet is a software suite for optimization, tuned for calculating and optimizing the process parameters of a given alloy for the Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) technology. AMOptomet simplifies your AM environment and reduces the print process workloads.

Achieve Twin Laser Productivity with a Single Laser Machine. New-and-improved AMOptomet with an intuitive interface and a simple, easy-to-navigate view.

The existing AMOptomet software has been revamped to include more features and provide better customer experience.

  • Kickstarts your adoption of the AM Ecosystem
  • Ensures First-Time-Right build of parts
  • Improves efficiency of existing AM System
  • Saves up on Raw Material & Operation costs
  • Validated with 5000+ Laser-hours of Metal 3D Printing

First-Time-Right Parameters

Lowest Cost-per-Part

Improved Productivity

Quick ROI

New and Improved

with an intuitive interface and a simple, easy-to-navigate view

Video courtesy: DMG-MORI, INTECH’s Strategic Partner


Once the required Particle Size Distribution (PSD) details are logged in for evaluation, the following features can be accessed:

  • Parameter Prediction
  • Image Analysis
  • Powder Distribution Evaluation
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)


  • Increase in Build Rate upto 50% and more
  • Reduction of Printing-hours upwards of 35%
  • Development of New Alloys in < 50% of the usual time
  • Machine Agnostic (For Blitz users)
  • Suitable with any Metal Powder supplier
  • ROI in 6 months or less of printing
  • Parameter adjustments for different thickness layers


(Available for all Machines)

Blitz is the performance version of AMOptoMet, com-patible with any Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) systems and can benefit all the Metal 3D Printing machine users and Service Bureaus. Blitz, being beginer—friendly, helps in initiating the customer’s journey into AM with supreme parameter prediction. Blitz also facilitates the Just-In-Time / In-demand printing of parts with the provided standard metal alloy powders.

Exclusive Features

  • Parameter prediction for user-defined materials
  • Fine tuning Process Parameters
  • Productivity Enhancement


(For iFusion Machines)

Horizon is the research version of AMOptoMet, customized for the Material manufacturers, Research labs, and R&D organizations developing new alloys. Horizon serves as a research suite for new material development.

Exclusive Features

  • Faster prediction of process windows
  • Parameter prediction for user-defined materials
  • Database backup generated by experiments
  • Calibration of new/existing parameters


(For iFusion Machines)

Ultimate is the version of AMOptomet that combines the features of Blitz and Horizon. It is customized for users who can enjoy the complete benefits of AMOptomet suites. Intech provides a special offer for educational institutions - Ultimate Lite Version, with limited predictions and features, customized for universities.



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Modules such as "MaxPower" and "MaxBuild" can increase the productivity of your system up to 50%-80%


Unleash the Power of Additive Manufacturing.