High performance mid-format metal 3D printers.

 325mm x 325mm x 420mm (Largest-in-Class Build Volume)

 Single / Dual Laser



  • Optimized Cost-per-Part (CPP)
    The iFusion325 has an optimized Cost-per-Part (CPP) that matches the conventional manufacturing processes. Automation of the following features are included for operational efficiency:

    Powder Handling

    Part Removal

    Powder Sieving

  • Highest-In-Class Laser Power
    The iFusion325 of printers come in single or multilaser configurations with full-field scanning. Each Yb-Fibre laser is 500W or higher which allows you to build with a higher layer thickness.
  • Largest-in-class Build Size
    Build Volume of 325mm x 325mm x 420mm, iFusion325 has one of the largest-in-class build envelopes. This allows for printing of a wide range of mid to large size fully functional components.
  • More Parts per Build
    More parts can be nested and stacked during a single build, thereby efficiently increasing the productivity of the print process.
  • Easy to print with a wide range of materials
    ifusion325 enables the production of highly precise and high-quality printed parts with a wide range of materials and metal alloy powders such as Aluminium, Titanium, Copper, Inconel, Maraging Steel, Stainless Steel and more.
  • Automation of processes
    For increased operational efficiency, powder handling, powder sieving, and part removal are fully automated in ifusion325.

Additive Manufacturing provides solutions for diverse requirements and field functions making it an ideal fit for various industry verticals.

Embracing innovation helps industries keep pace with the competitive and dynamic business environment. Rising costs, excess material wastage, longer production lead times, and unreliable part quality are few of the many issues halting the growth of the industries. Additive Manufacturing addresses these key challenges and provides an alternative sustainable way of manufacturing.

Build Plate levelling motor ensures uniform build.

Integrated Glove Door for easy removal of short build when there is no need for build tank removal.

Customizable field upgradation ranging from one to four scanners on the existing ifusion325.

Dual compartments reduce flooding time due to the inert gas retainment

Fine adjustment rings in the recoater blade for uniform powder distribution.



Aerospace Industry

Automotive Industry

Medical & Dental Industry

General Engineering

Tool and Die

Education and R&D


Space Industry



Intuitive All-in-One Software with Data Preparation, Distortion Simulation and Build Processor with Intelligent Features


Machine Series iFusion325
Technology Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)
Build Volume (mm) Laser 325mm x 325mm x 420mm
Laser Type Yb - Fibre Laser
Laser Power 500W
Build Platform Heating 2000C
Scan Speed 7 m/s max
Focus Diameter Min. 80um
Software AMBuilder (Integrated) - Build Processing Software
AMOptomet (Optional) - Parameter Optimization Software for Existing and New Alloys
Materials Aluminium, Cobalt Chrome, Stainless Steel, Maraging Steel, Inconel Alloys, and Titanium


  • AlSi10Mg
  • 18Ni300
  • 13Ni400
  • SS316L
  • 17-4PH
  • IN718
  • IN625
  • CoCrMo
  • Ti64
  • CM247LC

iFusion325 - DOWNLOADS.


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Modules such as "MaxPower" and "MaxBuild" can increase the productivity of your system up to 50%-80%


Unleash the Power of Additive Manufacturing.