Flow Reactor System


Flow Reactor System


Flow Chemistry is an alternate approach to conventional manufacturing processes that is increasingly gaining popularity in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It involves replacing large-scale batch reactors with significantly smaller continuous flow reactors. Flow reactors are designed to enable manufacturers to perform chemical reactions in flow, under a diverse range of operating conditions with excellent process control.

Unlike batch reactors, maximum heat and mass transfer characteristics can be achieved seamlessly for flow reactors at all scales of production – lab, pilot and industrial. Flow reactors are custom designed and manufactured to suit the requirements of one reaction or a group of reactions. However, the practical limitations of conventional manufacturing methods restrict the extent of achievable design features.

With our streamlined design and manufacturing capabilities, reactors of volumes ranging from 2ml to 2000ml can be manufactured and delivered in a matter of days. Through additive manufacturing, we can incomparably expand the range of customizations with ease to add more value to your process.


Intech’s DfAM expertise allows us to develop customized Metal 3D Printed Flow Reactors depending on the volume, heat transfer and mass transfer rates required for any particular unit process.

The channel lengths and diameters will be optimized to lowest possible dimensions to achieve extremely high heat transfer rates.

The static mixers are strategically positioned to maximize mixing efficiency while minimizing the pressure drop at the same time.

Mixing structures of various simple and complex geometries can be precisely constructed along with the channels without any need for multi-step fabrication.

A series of simulations are run to evaluate and optimize flow distribution, pressure drop and residence time distribution


Volume 200 ml 5ml to 4000 ml
Temperature 15°C to 80°C -50 to 200°C
Pressure 0 to 10 bar Upto 35 bar
Throughput 6 to 60 L/h 30 to 360 L/h
Flow Rate 100 to 1000 ml/min 500 to 6000 ml/min
Materials SS 316L Hastelloy C22, Monel 400, Incone

Unleash the Power of Additive Manufacturing.