We have been at the forefront of innovation that can transform the manufacturing industry through digital technology. Software, Design(DfAM) and Hardware capabilities make us one of the very few all-encompassing Additive Manufacturing OEM Solutions company in the world.

As a company of many firsts, we are pioneers in offering solutions that empower customers to adopt additive manufacturing efficiently and effectively. Driven by the philosophy of 'first time right', it is our endeavour to uphold the needs and business interests of our customers all the time.

Our dedicated team of engineers, out-of-the-box thinkers and problem solvers are in a constant quest to revolutionise the manufacturing processes with the help of Additive Manufacturing. Our mission is to enable faster adoption by keeping the innovation alive and influence digital transformation through additive technology in a sustainable way.



Digitally enabled manufacturing methods are steadily making inroads into conventional processes by fast Identifying and solving the traditional business challenges with new, disruptive ideas and processes. The industry is fast embracing digital manufacturing with Intelligent production techniques, real-time manufacturing eco-systems, concept design solutions, novel material selection & printing, post-processing and testing methods. We are at the forefront of accelerating this transition by providing a complete eco-system that is efficient, flexible and creates new avenues of improvement, innovation and imagination.